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Port of Spain. Trinidad and Tobago, on December 7 and 8,2017

Solidarity Action on Coal Workers' Strike

Dear Comrades,

All you are aware that United Forum of Coal Workers Federations of India has issued Three Days' Strike Notice between 19th and 21st June to press their demands like Continuation of Existing Social Security, Wage settlement, Work Norm and opposing closure of Mines. One of the major demand is Equal Work for Equal Work for the Contract workers pending abolition of contract system in Perennial nature of jobs.

Our demands are also of similar nature. Wages Code, Industrial Relations Code and Social Security Code proposed by Modi Government are straight way curtailment of rights of the workers.

Please find attached hereto the Circular and Draft Memorandum for Solidarity Action by EEFI Constituents. The issues of Coal Workers Strike need to be explained before the assembly of Workers related to onward transmission of the Memorandum to Prime Minister and Power Minister(Who is Coal MInister also.). [...]

Comradely Yours,

Prasanta N Chowdhury

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