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NHPC Workers from all across the Country under the banner of Coordination of NHPC Employees Unions, an affiliate of EEFI marched to the Corporate Headquarter at Faridabad, Haryana on 19th February 2024. The workers came in hundreds of numbers to raise their demands to the NHPC Management who were reluctant to address all the legitimate issues till date.
NHPC has increased its net profit to the tune of more than 1000 crores in the last 5 years whereas the permanent workers strength has reduced from 7000 to 5000. It is basically the contract workers who are contributing so massively in the NHPC exchequer and these workers are not even recognized by the NHPC Management. After project levels meetings and demonstrations held during last 3-4 months, the workers marched to the Head Office on 19th February 2024.

The workers held a sit-in dharna demonstration in front of NHPC main gate. It was addressed by Com. Tapan Sen, President of the Coordination, Ex-MP, Shri Subhash Lamba, President, AISGEF and Vice President, EEFI; Com Sudip Dutta, Secretary, EEFI and other Comrades. Com. Kashmir Singh, Working President of the Coordination addressed the masses and placed the agenda of the demonstration.

After long protracted talk, the Management assured that:

1. All measures will be taken to ensure the payment of enhanced wage from the date of notification i.e. September 2023 in every project to all contract workers without individually signing any declaration against the right of the workers including the right to strike. If any agreement on this regard is done, that will be only with the union.

2. The Management will try to implement the uniform higher wages in all projects in coming days.

3. The Management will ensure the proper functioning of grievance redressal mechanism to better the bipartism across all levels.

4. Further discussion will take place in the next Apex level meeting.

The power sector and other Govt. employees under the banner of SKS, the ASHA workers of Faridabad and Factory workers came in huge numbers to express their solidarity and support.
The dharna decided to check up the implementation of all adopted decisions at project level and further consolidate the organizational activities.

*EEFI congratulates all the workers for this militant action.*
*EEFI Centre*

Powermen Rally demanded immediate promotions of employees & Stoppage of Exploitation of Contract Workers.
Chandigarh 29th November 2021 – The Electricity Employees of Chandigarh under the banner of UT Powermen Union Chandigarh today held a protest Rally & demonstration before the Electricity Office, Sector 17, Chandigarh, The rally was held for immediate implementation of long pending demands including issuance of Promotion Orders of the Employees stoppage due to privatization and stoppage of exploitation of outsource workers in the hands of contractors engage through GeM Portal, who are demanding huge money while changing the contractors from existing employees and workers, beside repatriation of deputationist who are sitting in Chandigarh for their own interest and hammering the interest of UT Cadre employees in cose of promotions.

Union President Dhian Singh, Gen. Secy. Gopal Datt Joshi, Amrik Singh, Gurmeet Singh, Pan Singh, Sukhwinder Singh, Swaran Singh, Raj Pal and Ujjagar Singh Mohi while addressing the rally congratulate the PSPCL employees for their victory through long struggle and demanded the Chandigarh Administration to adopt the same to UT Electricity employees without any further delay. The leaders strongly criticised the Chandigarh Administration particularly the authorities of Engineering Department for their negative attitude towards the long pending genuine demands and blamed that the authorities first stop the filling up vacant posts in lieu of privatization and now they have stopped the promotions of the employees who are working in the department since 30-35 years and going to retire even getting single promotion in their entire service even eligibility and availability of posts.
The speakers blamed that authorities remain miserably fail to stop exploitation of contract workers. The contractors registered in GeM Portal are openly demanding huge amount from the workers, but officers remain muke spectators and further demanded immediate re-patriation of deputationist.
The leaders warned that if the demands of employees will not resolve immediately then series of rallies and dharna’s will remain continue and employees will take direct course of action including strike, the authorities will be fully responsible for any inconvenience to the public at large due to strike.

Issued by
Gopal Datt Joshi
Gen. Secy.

Press Release on 8th January Strike in Power sector

Workers and Engineers of Electricity industry took part in the strike all over the country in huge number. Workers took part in the strike directly responding to the calls of respective trade unions, while Engineers and Junior Engineers in support of the strike call, boycotted the work at the behest of NCCOEEE, the broad based National platform of Electricity Employees and Engineers. To what extent the strike was successful or failed cannot be adjudged through statements of the Government or state owned power utilities. Best indicator is power consumption. It has been so far revealed that in last quarter of 2019 power consumption dropped to the extent of 13% in comparison to the similar period of 2018. Modi Charisma did not work in so far power consumption is concerned. As gathered from different power system load despatch centres all over the country, the mid day system demands in different states on date fell down to the extent of 5 to 20% in comparison to normal January workday. Northern India states are facing squally weather from winter rain. Thousands of striking workers, Junior Engineers and Engineers have mobilised in front of the state Power utility headquarters and major power installations raising placards and banners of their demands. Magnificent demonstration observed in UP, Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh and Himachal Pradesh. In Eastern India, Power workers of Odisha and West Bengal took part in the strike including demonstration at different districts. In North east Assam and Tripura had good number participation of Striking Workers, Junior Engineers and Engineers. Strike in Kerala and Tamil Nadu remained massive, while in Karnataka only Contract Workers took part in the Strike. In Western India power workers and Engineers of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh took part in the Strike in huge number. NCCOEEE greets all the members of its constituent organisations for making the Strike a grand success all over the country.
PRESS RELEASE 8th Jan. 2020

(Prasanta N Chowdhury)
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Powermen hold protest rally against the proposal of corporatization/privatization of the UT Electricity Department, Chandigarh


NCCOEEE National Forum convey warm greetings to all NCCOEEE constituents along with their members across the country for massive participation in the first day (8th January, 2019) of Two Day Strike / Work Boycott against Government’s game plan to curb the right to electricity for the rural as well poor people of India through enactment of Electricity (Amendment) Bill, 2018 concurrently supporting the call of two days’ General Strike on 8th and 9th January 2019 upon 12 point charter of demand for people of all walks of life, by all central Trade Unions and independent National level Federations of core Industries.

Government’s action towards floating the Draft Electricity (Amendment) Bill, 2018 in the public domain for opinion was reciprocated by NCCOEEE on 3rd October, 2018. Formal Notice of Strike / Work Boycott was sent on 10th December, 2018. Only on 3rd January, 2019, Ministry of Power acknowledged the same indicating the Strike as an immature step. Three million workers, employees and engineers of power sector have replied today in a befitting manner. NCCOEEE leadership expect the struggle will be intensified in the second day on 9th January, 2019 and good sense will prevail upon the Government to concede the demands.
PRESS RELEASE 8th Jan. 2019

(Prasanta N Chowdhury)

Press Statement Decrying Police Atrocities against Haryana Workers

Electricity Employees Federation of India with all its constituent organisations vehemently decries the BJP Government if Haryana for its heinous police atrocity over the State Government of Haryana including Electricity Workers when they peacefully assembled before the State Assembly to highlight their logical and justified demands on 10th September 2018. Police applied force without any provocation to injure more than 50 persons among the demonstrators including the prominent leaders of Haryana employees. EEFI emphatically urges upon Haryana Government to amicably settle the demands of the Haryana Workers and Employees. Government of Haryana should conduct a judicial enquiry to probe the barbaric incident and impose penal action against the responsible police officials on the spot and all responsible superior officials. Electricity workers all over the country will organise protest demonstration on 12th September against the repression let loose by the Haryana police on the workers and employees.

(Prasanta N Chowdhury)
General Secretary

PRESS RELEASE 10th Sept. 2017

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8TH June, 2018

A National Convention called by NATIONAL COORDINATION COMMITTEE OF ELECTRICITY EMPLOYEES & ENGINEERS, took place at Ghalib Institute Auditorium at Delhi on 8th June, 2018 adopted Declaration to resort to Nationwide Strike in Power industry on 7th December, 2018 to oppose Electricity (Amendment) Bill, 2014 towards curbing right to Electricity for poor people of India. The convention Hall was packed with participants from all corners of the country.

Presidium to conduct the Convention was formed comprising of senior leaders of the NCCOEEE constituent organisations namely K O Habeeb, A N Rajan, Shailendra Dubey, S M Singh, S. Rathinasabhapaty and Narendra Vadoria. Prasanta N Chowdhury, Convener of NCCOEEE placed the draft declaration seeking support from the participants. In his brief deliberation, he mentioned that the struggle of electricity employees and engineers continues, since the Bill placed in the Parliament on 19th December, 2014.

The adopted Declaration exposed the hidden object of the Bill to widen the scope of business for the private enterprises without any investment. Comrade Tapan Sen, General Secretary, CITU while supporting the draft declaration, greeted the struggle of NCCOEEE to protect the interest of the consumers as well opposed the exploitation of casual and contract workers in Power Sector. Amarjeet Kaur, General Secretary, AITUC extended fullest support to the demands and Plan of Action proposed. Com Satyaban (AIUTUC) supported the declaration. Kuldip Kumar (INEWF) representing INTUC explained the plight of the electricity workers and consumers. The struggle of the NCCOEEE will create a serious impact.

Leaders of NCCOEEE constituent organisations namely Ratnakar Rao (AIPEF), Subhas Lamba (EEFI), Mohan Sharma (AIFEE), G.K. Vaishnav (AIFOPDE), Samar Sinha (AIPF), S. Rathina Sabhapathy (TNEPWF) and Padamjeet Singh (AIPEF) vowed to make the struggle successful. It was also resolved that all NCCOEEE constituents in the States will organise Mass Rally and Mobilisation of Consumers, Employees & Engineers to explain the adverse implications of the Electricity (Amendment) Bill, 2014. The date of Strike decided is 7th December, 2018. Formal Notice of Strike will be issued on 26th October. But it will be pre ponned as lightning Strike if Govt. tries to pass the Bill in the intervening period.

Copy of the Declaration will be submitted to Prime Minister, Power Minister, Labour Minister as well Chief Ministers of all the States from NCCOEEE National Centre. All NCCOEEE State Chapters will send the copy of the Declaration indicating their support to Chief Minister, Power Minister & Labour Minister of the State concerned.

Press Release - 8th June, 2018
EEFI Greets Valiant Struggle of AP Workers

EEFI Greets Valiant Struggle of AP Workers

United Forum of Electricity Contract Workers of Andhra Pradesh consisting all together eight Unions of all affiliates has resorted to continuous strike from 20th February, 2018 to impress their long pending demands. 23000 workers in various Power Stations, Sub-stations and supply establishments engaged through different contractors all over the state. 95% of all these workers formed the united platform for emancipation from the jaws of primitive exploitation continued for decades. Most of these workers are skill and technically qualified but they have been unlawfully deployed in perennial nature of jobs at a meagre rate of wages in defiance of Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act, 1970 as well Supreme Court Judgment over Payment of Equal Wages for Equal Work. These workers under the platform of United Forum resorted to various struggle including hunger Strike. AP Government and Power Corporations management assured them wage increase and direct payment but their commitment resulted into hoax. In the present circumstances, striking workers has modestly refused to accept verbatim commitment of Power Minister, Energy Secretary and authority of Power Corporations. They have sought for formal order with specific date of implementation. AP Government is insisting Power Corporation management to adopt repressive measures against striking workers and their leaders. Com K O Habeeb, President EEFI and the undersigned greets the striking Electricity Workers of Andhra Pradesh for their valiant struggle towards achieving justified and lawful demands. EEFI warns AP Government to refrain from any repressive measures against the AP Electricity workers. EEFI make it clear, at the event of any repression on AP Electricity workers, their counterparts in the rest of the country will not be silent spectator.

(Prasanta N Chowdhury)
General Secretary

PRESS RELEASE 05th Dec 2017
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