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Modi govt has ruined the lives of Indian people: Elamaram Karim MP
In a resounding declaration of solidarity with the nation's workers and farmers, Com. Elamaram Karim MP led a poignant march and protest against the Modi government's detrimental policies. The event, orchestrated by Samyuktakisan Morcha, reverberated with calls for a Grameen Bandh across India on the 16th, highlighting the widespread discontent against anti-labor measures. Under the collaborative efforts of Trade Unions and Samyukta Kisan Morcha, the Raj Bhavan in Thiruvananthapuram and various central government offices in other districts of Kerala became the stage for a fervent display of dissent. President of EEFI, Com. Elamaram Karim MP, spearheaded the march, joined by impassioned leaders from trade unions and farmers' associations. Inaugurating the Raj Bhavan march, Com. Elamaram Karim MP delivered a scathing indictment of the Modi administration, asserting that it has brought untold misery upon the Indian populace. Com. Karim emphasized the government's reluctance to challenge corporate giants like Ambani, leaving ordinary citizens to bear the brunt of its policies. He warned of an impending wave of robust protests to counteract these detrimental measures, accusing Modi of stoking communal tensions in a bid to consolidate power. He said that if these policies are to be defeated, there will be a very strong agitation and Modi's attempt is to regain power by inflaming communalism. The dire plight of farmers loomed large in Com. Karim's address, with a staggering number resorting to suicide amidst governmental apathy towards setting fair product prices. Dishearteningly, the plight of those who lost their lives protesting went unacknowledged, with the government failing to compensate their grieving families. Moreover, the Indian Railways grapples with a severe staff shortage, even as contractors continue to be favored over permanent hires, exacerbating the country's economic woes. Com. Karim attributed the rampant inflation gripping the nation to the government's flawed policies, leaving no recourse but sustained agitation to effect change. He lambasted the Modi administration for its myopic focus on divisive politics, accusing it of feigning accomplishment while the populace continues to suffer. In conclusion, Elamaram Karim's impassioned denunciation sheds light on the harsh realities facing Indian society under the Modi government's rule. As calls for reform grow louder, it becomes increasingly apparent that genuine change can only be realized through unified and persistent action against oppressive policies.

The Tamil Nadu government has suddenly issued a circular ordering the trifurcation of the existing state generation-distribution utility TANGEDCO into 3 companies, one separate for distribution, one for thermal generation and third for non-thermal generation. The TNEB was bifurcated in 2010 and the tripartite settlement after the bifurcation is still pending. The EEFI constituents of Tamil Nadu have vehemently opposed this unilateral move of the government and already resorted to state-wide struggle. All EEFI constituents are requested to keep a close eye on the development of the movement and prepare for solidarity struggle. Today, on 12th February 2024, we are submitting a memorandum to Hon'ble CM of Tamil Nadu, which will be forwarded to all constituents by tomorrow.

The WFTU Working Women committee conducted a meeting on Monday 20th March 2023 via zoom to check upon the preparation of action plan 2023, regional meetings and the discussion was open to proposals and views.The meeting was conducted by Cinziadella Porta from Italy. Many countries like Thuy Tran from Vietnam reported about the socio- economic issues of the women in their country. And also other countries reported about the issues and purpose of the working women movement.

From India's Electricity Employees Federation of India, it was reported about the history of Women movement in our country, which can be divided into three phases, first phase for establishing rights and class struggle for education and against social customs. Second phase is active involvement and participation in India's freedom struggle. And the third phase that is post independence fighting against social, political and economic exploitation. Then how Covid’19 pandemic also has been utilized by the imperialist forces to maximize profits and put the burden of the crisis to the working people especially working women. The authoritarian and crony character of the local government led more oppression for working women. The government instead of addressing the problems , is taking away the rights like maternity benefits , equal pay for equal work , proper working conditions by changing the labour laws.

It was also reported that role of CITU in continuous fighting against this oppression and taking lot of initiative to organize women workers under CITU banner, to popularize the programs of CITU among all the section of working women and to take up social problems in trade union platforms.

The meeting concluded with resolution of regional meeting for Europe will be hosted in Italy as reported by Cherene Horazuk from USA and there is a proposal for realisation of World Working Women Congress in Senegal in November 2023.

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★ Incredible Victory to the UP Striking Electricity Employees & Engineers: Govt. Bowed Down ★

★ Press Release ★

Electricity Employees Federation of India (EEFI) congratulates the united struggle of the Electricity Employees and Engineers of Uttar Pradesh for the incredible victory. Resisting and Defying the Government’s onslaught including the vindictive invocation of draconian ESMA, threat of NSA and massive termination, the determined Strikers have emerged victorious. Under immense pressure from all corners, the UP Energy Minister Sri Arvind Kumar Sharma in a joint press conference has publicly promised to roll-back the vindictive terminations. The arrogant UP Govt. practically surrendered to the Striking workers.
The strike action was called by the united forum of all organisations representing electricity employees and engineers of UP – Vidyut Karmachari Samyukt Sangharsh Samiti. The Power employees & engineers of Uttar Pradesh were in the path of struggle from November, 2022 and on 3rd December 2022 a written agreement was signed between Vidyut Karmachari Samyukt Sangharsh Samiti and UP Power Corporation in presence of Shri Arvind Kumar Sharma with an assurance of not to privatise the power assets. In a complete retrograde move, the Management of the power corporations started denying the mutually agreed and signed agreement and directed to sell out two new 800 MW generation units of Anpara and Opra and related transmission assets currently owned by UPPCL, the state-run UP Power Corporation. It is a malicious violation of established industrial practice. As an expression of discontent and anger, exercising the democratic right, the Sangharsh Samiti of Power employees and engineers of UP has resorted to 3 days token strike action from 16th March 10 pm. Around 1 lakh employees were in Strike. The entire UP electricity sector was under heavy grip of strike. Generation had drastically fallen at several power stations like Opra, Anpara, Parichha. The electricity employees’ united forum has also highlighted the demands of regularising the contractual workers engaged in perennial jobs of electricity sector, reintroduction the Old Pension Scheme (OPS) and rolling back of the Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2022. After 65 hours valiant strike, the Government stepped back. The Energy Minister today has announced that the 3rd December 2022 agreement will be revisited and the Government will try to implement it in ditto.
At the call of NCCOEEE, in thousands of places electricity workers all across the country came into the street on 16th March 2023 in solidarity and support to the Striking UP workers. EEFI salutes their spirit and participation. This magnificent victory of the Striking UP electricity workers is in a row of victories, starting from Maharashtra, then Karnataka and today UP. This proves again that the determined valiant struggle of the electricity like strategic sector workers can only put a bridle to these anti-people actions of the current authoritarian Modi-Yogi led BJP regime. This is time tested truth with experience of Harynana, Chandigarh, Puducherry & Srinagar anti-privatisation struggle of electricity workers. In all cases, the Govt. was compelled to step back.
Today, EEFI calls upon the people of the Nation, the electricity workers in particular and specifically the EEFI constituents to uphold and internalize the glorious experience of UP movement and observe nationwide victory demonstrations on 20th March 2023 throughout the country. This victory rally will be a part of the NCOEEE call to greet the victorious UP electricity employees, nationwide.

Issued by
(Prasanta N Chowdhury)
General Secretary, EEFI

20%hike wef 1.4.22. CM announced..karnataka...Thanks for all state constituents who supported our struggle. Long live Revolution

In different Districts of UP

Lucknow today

        The Power Employees of Uttar Pradesh are being forced to go on strike. The fact is that the power employees had started a work boycott movement in November last year due to dictatorial, undemocratic, oppressive attitude of the top management of UP's Power Corporations, attempts to privatize transmission and their long-pending problems. The work boycott movement was suspended on December 03 on the appeal of the UP Energy Minister after the written agreement was signed between Vidyut Karmchari Sanyukt Sangharsh Samiti, UP and Management. Talks were presided by Sri Arvind Kumar Sharma UP Energy Minister and Chief Advisor to the Chief Minister Mr. Avnish Awasthi IAS (Retd).
        Now the chairman of power corporations is not ready to accept the written agreement of December 03 and his repressive attitude continues. Along with the process of privatization of transmission sub-stations, the decision to snatch away two new units of 800-800 MW each in Obra and Anpara from the state's Genco , which is like adding fuel to the fire.
      Sangharsh Samiti has successfully launched a state-wide public awareness campaign in the last one month. According to the notice of the Sangharsh Samiti, torch processions will be taken out in all the districts/projects on March 14. There will be a work boycott from 10 AM on March 15 to 10 PM on March 16 and a 72-hour strike from 10 PM on March 16.
        The Management of Power Corporations has issued a written instruction to all the DMs and SSP/SPs of the state, imposing a complete ban on all these programs. Instructions say that no power employee should be allowed to participate in any program of the Sangharsh Samiti, and if If someone participates, strict action will be taken against him under ESMA immediately.All these instructions are completely undemocratic and not acceptable. It is the democratic right of the power employees to hold a democratic movement to force the Management to follow the written agreement with the Energy Minister.
        It is said that the bureaucracy of UP is extremely annoyed with the success achieved by the Sangharsh Samiti in the last few years in stopping privatization and is now bent on repression with a sense of revenge. Due to this ill intention, preparations are on to crush the movement of the power employees of Uttar Pradesh in an undemocratic manner. It is also whisper that if the power employees movement in UP is crushed, then the message of Govt will also go to the power employees fighting against privatization in other provinces of the country.
        The Power Employees of Uttar Pradesh are fully committed to the decisive struggle. Sangharsh Samiti has given notice of strike for 72 hours from 10 pm on March 16, but Sangharsh Samiti has also written in the notice that if any employee is arrested due to the agitation, mass jail bharo agitation and indefinite strike will start at the same time.
        NCCOEEE and all Federations and Associations of Power Employees of Country are requested to strongly support the struggle of the UP by sending a letter to the Chief Minister and Energy Minister of UP in this crucial time. The power employees of Uttar Pradesh are fully committed to a decisive struggle against privatization, outsourcing and oppression.
- Vidyut Karmchari Sanyukt Sangharsh Samiti, UP
Mail ID of UP Chief Minister & UP Energy Minister

Date : 14th March 2023
EEFI extends Strong Solidarity towards the Struggling Powermen of UP and Karnataka
STOP Privatisation of State Power Sectors

The electricity workers in valiant combative struggle in Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka; they are on the path of observing 3-Days strike on 16-18th March 2023 in UP and 1-Day token strike on 16th March 2023 at Karnataka. Electricity Employees’ Federation of India (EEFI) extends its strong and determined solidarity and support towards the striking power workmen of both of the states. EEFI urges to the Government of UP and Karnataka to immediately intervene and address the grievances and settle the demands of the struggling workers.
The Power employees of Uttar Pradesh were in path of struggle from the November, 2022 against the notorious privatization attempts directed by the UP Government to outsource the transmission and generation utilities of the state-run UP Power Corporation. On 3rd December 2022 a written agreement was signed between Vidyut Karmachari Samyukt Sangharsh Samiti and UP Power Corporation. In a complete retrograde move, the Management of the power corporations is now denying the mutually agreed and signed agreement. It is a malicious violation of established industrial practice. As an expression of discontent and anger, exercising the democratic right, the Sangharsh Samiti of Power workmen of UP has resorted to agitation action. They have announced torch processions to be taken out in all the districts/projects on March 14 followed by work boycott from 10 AM on March 15th to 10 PM on March 16th and a 72-hour strike from 10 PM on March 16th and onwards. The Management has unleashed repressive measures against the struggling workers threatening to invoke actions under ESMA. In rebuttal to these oppressive measures, Sangharsh Samiti has heightened the call of action to massive jail bharo agitation and indefinite strike in case of any vindictive action is taken on the striking employees.
On the other hand, the wage settlement for the workers of Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Ltd. (KPTCL) is pending from April 2022. The workers were demanding for a 40% wage hike matching to the high price rise of essential commodities. While the KPTCL proposed to hike the wage by 22%, the Finance Department of Karnataka State Government is reluctant to approve that increment also and proposing for an increase of humiliating low amount. The struggling workers were in continuous struggle and submitted a strike notice but no initiation had been taken on part of the government to redress their demands. In this situation, the KPTCL Employees Association and Federation, a conglomeration of 60,000 workers and 45,000 retired employees of KPTCL and 5 electricity supply companies (Escoms), has called the strike action against utter insensitiveness and anti-worker attitude of the Karnataka state Government.
EEFI extends full support to the striking employees & calls upon all the organisations of Electricity Employees of the Nation to stand firmly in support of the struggling workers of UP and Karnataka. EEFI reiterates that the attitude and attempts of the BJP Governments at both the States are nothing but the apparent expression of the notorious plan of the Central Government against the Power workmen of the country and the people in general. EEFI urges upon the Government of UP & Karnataka to stay refrained from any repressive measure. Any attack upon the striking electricity workers will be resisted by strong solidarity action of entire power sector workers & employees throughout the country.
The National Coordination Committee of Electricity Employees & Engineers (NCCOEEE) is urgently meeting today and further course of action will be taken up in this regard.

Issued by
Prasanta N. Chowdhury
General Secretary

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