Electricity Employees Federation of India

Constitution :

The Constitution of the Electricity Employees Federation of India
Adopted by the 1st All India Conference held at Trivandrum on January 13-15, 1984
Cl no. Subject Subsequent Amendment / Reference
1. Name :
The name of the organisation shall be “Electricity Employees Federation of India” (To be designated in abbreviated form as “EEFI”)
  1. The Flag of the federation shall be red in colour with “EEFI” inscribed in it, horizontally with a transmission tower symbol.
  2. The Flag of the federation shall be red in colour with “EEFI” inscribed in it, horizontally with a transmission tower symbol. The Head Office of “E.E.F.I” shall be in B.T.R. Bhawan, 13A, Rouse Avenue, New Delhi or at such place as may be decided by the working committee of General Conference.
  3. Aims & Objects
  1. To organise workers / employees engaged in generation, transmission, maintenance, project construction and distribution of electricity all over India, and to foster spirit of co-operation, fraternity and reciprocity among all workers employed in the electricity industry.
  2. To fight for the improvement of wages, for reduction of working hours, security of service, bonus, gratuity, P.F., for the provision of decent housing and improvement of the living conditions of the employees.
  3. To fight for full and adequate social security legislation to protect the workers and their families against sickness, accident and old age, providing adequate maternity insurance and pension for widowed mother and dependent children and every other types of social security.
  4. To fight for equal wages for equal work in the industry.
  5. To protect the democratic and trade union rights.
  6. To encourage intellectual, social, economic and cultural development of the employees.
  7. To render assistance in organizing union where none exists and to organise the workers in a single union by uniting the rival unions in the Industry.
  8. To promote relations of solidarity with the peasants and agricultural workers and other toiling masses.
  9. To render legal assistance and to compensate the members of the Federation whose interest is jeopardised for the faithful service to the cause of Federation.
  10. To organise co-operative stores, credit societies, libraries and reading rooms, clubs and night or day classes for the benefit of the members of the Federation and their family members.
  11. To confederate with other Associations, Federations in India and abroad having similar aims and objects.
  12. To fight for the achievement of socialism in India.

4. Eligibility to become member of the Federation

  1. The unions seeking affiliation to EEFI should apply in the prescribed form complied by the Working Committee.
  2. Agree to abide by the aims, objects and of the EEFI and those that may be adopted by its Working Committee from time to time.
  3. Pay an admission fee, annual subscription and such special levy as provided for in the above rules.
  4. The working Committee shall have the power to accept / reject affiliation of any union. In the latter cases, however, the aggrieved party shall have the right to appeal to the working Committee whose decision shall be final.

5. Affiliation Fees

Each affiliated union shall pay to the EEFI :

  1. An admission fee of Rs. 100/- at the time of first application. * (200/- as amended in 6th Conference in 2009)
  2. Subscription at the rate 1 Rupee per member calendar year. * (3/- as amended in 6th Conference in 2009)
  3. Such other levies as may be fixed by the Working Committee.
  4. All affiliation fees shall be paid by 31st May each year.
  5. Non-payment of the affiliation fee that has become due shall disqualify the defaulting union from participating in the conference of the Federation. This disqualification may be removed by the Working Committee provided the default is made good and valid reasons are furnished for default by the defaulting union. The Working Committee shall have the power to waive off the whole or part of the arrears so accrued in the case of a defaulting union for reasons to be specified.

6. Composition of EEFI

The EEFI shall consist of

  1. The affiliated unions.
  2. The Regions, State-Wise or Zonal Councils as desired by the Unions.
  3. The Working Committee.

7. The General Conference

  1. The General Conference of EEFI shall be held once in every two(*) years.  (As amended in 6th Conference in 2009, the General Conference will be held in once in every 3 years) The conference will consist of (a) the delegates elected by the constituent units in accordance with the rules under the Constitutions, (b) the office-bearers of the EEFI who will have the same status as the elected delegates.

(ii) The functions and powers of the General Conference shall be as follows :

  1. To adopt the programme and the General Policy of EEFI.
  2. The General Conference shall be the highest body of the EEFI and all the units of EEFI derive their authority from it.
  3. To discuss and adopt the report presented by the General Secretary.
  4. To pass the audited statement of accounts.
  5. To pass resolution on current questions affecting the Working Class.
  6. To take decisions on any type of disciplinary actions.
  7. To amend the present Constitution. 45 days notice of the proposed change in the Constitution, shall be given by the intending party.
  8. To elect Working Committee.
  9. To elect the Office-bearers.
  10. To raise any other matter with the permission of the Chair.

8. A special Session of the EEFI may be called by the Working Committee or on a requisition from unions representing one fourth of the total strength of the membership of the EEFI in between regular biennial sessions of EEFI. The special session will have the same power as the General Conference.

9. Admission of Honorary Members

Persons who are not eligible to become ordinary delegates of the Federation may be admitted as honorary members of the Federation for the purpose of being elected or coopted as the office-bearers of the Federation. Number of such members shall not exceed 10% of the total number of members of the Working Committee.

11. Election of delegates to the EEFI Conference

The affiliated units shall be entitled to elect delegates on the following basis to the General or Special Conference of the EEFI.

  1. One delegate for each unit having a membership of 300 members or less and one additional delegate for every additional 300 members or major fraction thereof.
  2. The number of delegates which the affiliated unions are entitled to send will be ascertained on the basis of paying members as shown in the audited annual return of the union for the calendar year prior to the session of the EEFI.
  3. The names and addresses of the delegates of the affiliated unions should reach the General Secretary of the EEFI two weeks before the date fixed for Conference.
  4. Each delegate will have to pay delegate fee and delegate cards will be issued on production of certificate of election duly signed by President / Secretary of the Union and payment of delegate fees.
  5. Delegates above shall be eligible for election to the Working Committee and election shall be made during sessions of the EEFI by the delegates present at the session.

12. Working Committee

The Working Committee shall consist of :
(1) One President, (2) Six Vice-Presidents, (3) One General Secretary, (4) Six   Secretaries, (5) One Treasurer, and,
(6) Not more than 65 members. The number for each state and union will be decided on the basis of membership.
(7) President and Secretaries of the affiliated unions.
* (The Working Committee as amended in 7th Conference in 2013 stands as under)
(1) One President,
(2) One Working President
(3) Vice-Presidents
(4) One General Secretary
(5) Secretaries
(6) One Treasurer
(7) President / Secretary of the affiliated unions / organizations
(8) Number of members from each state and union will be decided by the General Conference on the basis of membership besides above allocation.

13. Powers and responsibilities of the Working Committee

  1. The Working Committee will be the highest authority in between the two session of the EEFI and will meet twice in every six months.
  2. The Working Committee will act and exercise all its authority except the power of amending constitution.
  3. The Working Committee will have powers to fill up casual vacancies, co-opt, and fill up the vacancies of office-bearers.
  4. The Working Committee will fix the date and venue of the sessions of the EEFI.
  5. The Working Committee will have powers to convene special sessions of the EEFI.
  6. In case of emergency, it will have powers to amend the Constitution but 2/3 majority will be required for the purpose.
  7. The Working Committee will have the power to decide about the affiliation or disaffiliation of any union.
  8. The decision of the Working Committee will have to be placed before the Conference for it endorsement.

14. Office-bearers

  1. The office-bearers of the EEFI will consist of :
  2. 1. One President, (2) One Working President (3) Vice-Presidents, (4) One General Secretary, (4) One Treasurer and (5) Secretaries.(*)

  3. The office-bearers shall be elected at the regular session of the EEFI duly proposed and seconded by one or more delegates.(*)
  4. The President shall preside over the meeting of the Conference and the Working Committee. In his absence, a Vice-President one of the members of the Working Committee shall preside over such meetings.(*)
  5. The General Secretary is responsible for carrying out day to day activities of the EEFI. He, in consultation with the President and other office-bearers available at H.Q., may take urgent decision to carry on the activities of EEFI. But such decisions shall have to be endorsed by the Working Committee at the earliest opportunity.
  6. The General Secretary shall present to the EEFI Conference a report of the work of the EEFI Working Committee. The report should outline the steps to be taken and policies to be adopted in furtherance of the aims and objects of the EEFI. The General Secretary shall also present periodical reports to the Working Committee.
  7. The Treasurer is responsible for the maintenance of proper accounts, all the funds of the EEFI and keeping them in safe custody. He shall get the accounts submitted every year and is responsible for presenting an audited account before the Conference of the EEFI.
  8. The Secretaries will assist the General Secretary in discharging his responsibilities.

* (The Office-bearers as amended in 7th Conference in 2013 stands as under)
(a)Total Nos. of Office-bearers will be decided by the conference
(1) One President
(2) One Working President
(3) Vice-Presidents
(4) One General Secretary
(5) Secretaries
(6) One Treasurer
(b) The Office-bearers shall be elected at the regular session of EEFI duly proposed and seconded by one or more delegates.
(c) The President shall preside over the sessions of the conference. He will be assisted by working President and Vice-Presidents. The meeting of the working committee will also be presided over by the President. He will be assisted by Working President and Vice-Presidents.

15. Notice of the Meetings

  1. Notice (the time, place and agenda) of the meetings of the Working Committee and of the Conference will be issued by the General Secretary in accordance with the procedure laid.
  2. At least 15 days notice will be required for a meeting of the Working Committee and at least two months notice will be required for the Conference.

16. The affiliated unions may form State Committees, Zonal or Regional councils to co-ordinate the activities of the particular State, Region or Zone.

17. Disciplinary Action

  1. The Working Committee shall have the powers to disaffiliate any union for default in paying affiliation fees or for working against the interests of the EEFI.
  2. The Working Committee will have powers to remove or expel any office-bearers or any member of Working Committee guilty of anti-working class activities. Before taking such action, the person concerned shall be given all the opportunity for his self-defence.
  3. The individual or union concerned shall have the right to appeal before the next general or special Conference.

18. Bye-laws

The Working Committee shall have the powers to make by-laws consistent with the Constitution.