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Usha TA: Balancing Excellence in Engineering and Athletics
Meet Usha TA, a remarkable individual who seamlessly juggles her roles as an Assistant Executive Engineer at the Transmission Construction Subdivision in Wayanad district and as a seasoned athlete excelling in various sports competitions. At 52 years old, Usha holds a prominent position as a state-level office bearer within the KSEB Officers Association, demonstrating her leadership skills and dedication to her profession. Her career in engineering is marked by excellence and commitment to serving the community through her work in the power sector. However, Usha's achievements extend far beyond her professional career. She is a shining star in the world of athletics, consistently proving her mettle in various competitions across the country. Most notably, Usha clinched the gold medal in the 100m category (50-55 years) at the 5th National Masters Athletic Championship held in Hyderabad, showcasing her speed and agility on the track. Additionally, she secured the silver medal in the 200m category, further highlighting her prowess as a sprinter. Usha's dedication to sports is evident in her impressive track record. She has been crowned the KSE Board State-level Annual Sports Champion and the Wayanad District Powerlifting Champion, demonstrating her versatility across different athletic disciplines. Moreover, she has excelled in badminton, earning the title of KSEBOA Badminton Champion. Notably, Usha's achievements are not confined to the track and field; she has also proven her prowess in powerlifting and badminton, showcasing her versatility and determination in various sporting arenas. Despite her demanding professional commitments, Usha finds time to nurture her family life. She is the loving wife of KC Upendranath, an engineer, and the proud mother of two daughters, Aathira and Anusha. Aathira is currently pursuing her MBBS degree, while Anusha is studying at NIFT, reflecting Usha's support for her children's educational endeavors. Usha's journey is a testament to her exceptional time management skills, unwavering determination, and passion for both engineering and athletics. She serves as an inspiration to aspiring engineers and athletes alike, demonstrating that with dedication and perseverance, one can excel in multiple domains simultaneously. In conclusion, Usha TA is a true embodiment of excellence, balancing her professional career as an engineer with her remarkable achievements in athletics. Her story serves as a beacon of inspiration, encouraging individuals to pursue their passions wholeheartedly and strive for greatness in every aspect of life.