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International Women's Day 2024 Celebrations in KSEB KSEB Officers' Association and KSEB Workers' association jointly organized International Women's day programmes through out state of Kerala ie in 14 districts and Moozhiyar unit with the Women Sub-committees in the lead role. Women's Day events were addressed by eminent women personalities from different walks of life and a variety of programmes including speeches, discussions, gatherings, trips ,cultural programmes, competitions were held. Along with celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women a call for action to accelerate gender equality was also made . Moreover in the women's day programmes emphasis was given for highlighting the current political situation in the country and the need to realise the communal anti-women agendas of the ruling party of our country. The district level women's day celebrations were conducted from March 3rd to March 13 th and State level programme was held on March 15 th at Trissur. A brief report on the state level programme is detailed below. KSEB Officers' Association and Workers' Association jointly organized State-level International Women's Day celebrations on March 15 at The Elite Hotel, Thrissur. The programme began with the welcome address of Ms.Ajitha, State Joint Secretary of Workers' association and Member of EEFI women's sub-committee. After the Presidential address by Ms. Jumaila Beevi Chairperson , KSEB Officers' Association State Women's Sub-Committee, Ms. Mala Parvathy, actress and activist inaugurated the function. In her thought provoking and motivating inaugural speech, she spoke in detail about how the experiences in our childhood effect the brain development and brain wiring and to overcome thoughts that hinder our growth brain rewiring needs to be done for which immense hard work and sharpening of our skills are essential. Quoting the statement that what Kerala thinks today, the world will think tomorrow, she pointed out that the women of Kerala have come a long way in all spheres including health, education, etc. setting an example to the world . She emphasized the necessity of attaining the financial independence by women. Dr. Muse Mary George, Director, State Institute of Encyclopedic Publications delivered the keynote address. She indicated that if the women's world had been changed today, it was not merely by fate, but was shaped by a progressive outlook with scientific convictions and social perspective. She pointed out that the laws that are being implemented in the country today are aligned with the elements of the expulsion of certain sector of people and this year theme of International Women’s Day Inspire Inclusion shall be looked into with a broader perspective. She added that we need to realise that the religious consciousness with great authoritative power has become active among the educated men and women of Kerala and this needs to be resisted vigorously and consistently. She stressed that Women's Day is not just a celebration of womanhood, but also a celebration of our citizenship, political independence and modern thinkingpresent . The keynote address gave a clear picture of the political scenario of our country. .Thereafter Ms.Indira.K State President KSEBOA felicitated Ms.Usha TA, Vice president KSEBOA who won a gold medal at the 5th National Masters Athletic meet held in Hyderabad. Ms.Geetha K. Workers Association State joint secretary greeted the gathering. During this occasion an E -magazine, ‘Uchaveyilum Ilamnilavum ‘with comprehensive literary works of women members published by KSEBOA State Women's Sub-Committee was jointly released by Dr. Muse Mary George and Ms.Seema KP, Convenor, KSEBOA State Vanitha Sub Commmittee . Thereafter State New Media Committee Chairperson Ms.Jiji P announced the winners of the online quiz competitions and Slogan competion jointly conducted by the New Media Committee and the Women's Committee on Women's Day on March 8 in fb live.. This was followed by various cultural programmes of our members . The programme came to close with vote of thanks by Ms. Sabeena , Convenor KSEBOA Trichur District VSC.

In an attempt to murder democratic rights, labour rights and social responsibilities, the management of the state owned power sector of West Bengal had issued orders banning social and trade union activities inside office premises during working hours and the geographical demarcation of townships. Blood donation was denied a booking at the auditorium on a weekday. The working women subcommittee took up the responsibility of organising a two day event to commemorate International Working women's day - rakshabandhan of equality and fraternity on March 11, wherein thread knots were tied on the wrist of the women workers and employees. The second day hosted a voluntary blood donation camp, organised on a mobile van outside the premises of Vidyut Bhawan, at the main gate of the state headquarters of the state owned power transmission and distribution utilities. In total defiance to the basic rights of women and men alike, the right to associate or freely express as guaranteed by the laws of the land - the union representing the ruling party of West Bengal and not the electricity employees , issued warnings against any participation to the blood donation or the cultural event , which commenced at 1:30 pm.

The working women and electricity employees across position in the organisation, cast, creed and gender participated in considerable numbers. A cultural program '. Srinkhola Bisrinkhola ( organised chaos ) ' was performed by the organisers. The programme was graced by the presence of Comrade Prasant Nandi Chowdhury, general secretary, EEFI, Trade Union Leaders Comrade Madhumita Bandopadhyay , Comrade Somenath Bhattacharya, Comrade Dipsita Dhar, Joint Secretary - SFI and other leaders of prominence of the power sector. The programme was organised by WBSEWMU, sadar Daptar Divisional committee and pbrbssku, vidyut bhawan unit

As per directives vide circular no. 9th/Circular/02/2024 dated 15 February, 2024 of General Secretary, EEFI, West Bengal State Electricity Workmens’ Union celebrated International Working Women’s Day on different dates adjacent to 08th March, across the state, which called for action to accelerate gender parity and raise awareness of issues such as reproductive rights, violence against women, gender equality, and economic and political impartiality. At Head Quarter, Vidyut Bhaban, WBSEWMU, Sadar Daptar Divisional Committee and PBRBSSKU, Sadar Daptar Unit jointly celebrated International Working Women;s Day on 12th March 2024. On that day, all the working women member of the unit of our union arranged a blood donation camp along with an enriched cultural programme where 43 employees participated to donate blood out of which, 10 donors were female. Sri. P. N. Choudhury, General Secretary, EEFI inaugurated the programme. Smt. Dipsita Dhar, All India Joint Secretary of Students' Federation of India and Smt. Madhumita Banerjee, All India Secretariat Member, CITU were present as guests who delivered their motivational speech to the audience. A day before, on 11th March, 2024, the members of the union tied a red protective wrist band to all women employees of WBSEDCL posted at Vidyut Bhaban aiming to make harmonious environment around. Though, organizing the whole programme in working day at Vidyut Bhaban premises was quite challenging, WBSEWMU, Sadar Daptar Divisional Committee made it a hugely successful event where a good number of employees were present. Also, senior women officials were present who glorified the platform by delivering their highly motivational speech and support. The whole programme was highly appreciated by all the employees and officials. WBSEWMU, East Midnapore Divisional Committee celebrated International Working Women’s Day on 8th March 2024at Mecheda Vidyut Karmi Bhaban. Smt. Sujata Bera, Democratic and Progressive Writer inaugurated the programme and with her extremely inspirational speech, the entire audience was motivated and delighted. The whole programme was highly entertaining having a good mix of cultural programmes blended with strongly inspirational discussions by all the employees. Kharagpur Divisional Committee celebrated it on 12th March, 2024. The other Divisional Committees also observed the International Working Women’s Day internally statewide in the office premises which also left a significant impact on all the women employees. The whole idea behind this entire exercise at various forums was remove the culture of gender disparity which is so predominantly visible in all work places including the state run enterprises. Time has come for a change where we come of our age old medieval patriarchic mindsets to allow our women their rightful rights which have become overdue.